Exciting Milestones: Plixstar’s Latest Updates

Hey there, Plixstar fam! We’re thrilled to share some incredible news with you about what the team has been up to lately. Our journey towards success has taken some exciting leaps forward and we couldn’t wait to give you a scoop on our latest milestones.

  1. Market Access Grant 2023 from My Digital Penang

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Plixstar has been awarded the Market Access Grant 2023 from My Digital Penang! This prestigious grant is a huge honor and an incredible opportunity for us. It reflects the recognition of our innovative efforts and the promising path we’re treading in the digital landscape.

This grant isn’t just a piece of recognition; it’s a catalyst for our growth and progress. At Plixstar, we are already planning meticulously on how to make the best use of this grant. From expanding our technological infrastructure to enhancing our outreach strategies, the grant will be channeled into various avenues that will elevate our services and products to new heights. We aim to boost our marketing outreach further strengthen our market presence. Rest assured, every cent of this grant will be utilized to its fullest to propel us towards even greater success.

  2. Becoming MATRADE Members

We’re beyond excited to share that Plixstar has recently joined hands with MATRADE after an engaging video meetup with their team and a subsequent follow-up meeting at Kuala Lumpur. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for us as we set our sights on global expansion.

Our belief in the power of collaboration is unwavering. Joining MATRADE presents us with an incredible opportunity to step into the world of exports. Through this partnership, we aim to leverage their extensive network, expertise and resources to pave our way into ASEAN markets and later on, international. This move aligns perfectly with our vision to take our innovative solutions beyond borders and cater to a global audience.

The journey ahead is bright and with the support and collaboration from MATRADE, we’re confident that Plixstar will see itself exporting its services and vendors’ products internationally from next year onwards. It’s a thrilling prospect that energizes our team and fuels our dedication to innovation and quality.

At Plixstar, our team is filled with enthusiasm and determination. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries, exploring new horizons, and striving to bring the best to our users and partners.

Stay tuned as we continue to embark on this incredible journey of growth and progress. Your support and belief in Plixstar are what motivates us to reach for the stars. We can’t wait to share more exciting updates with you in the near future!

Cheers to new beginnings and exciting opportunities!

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