Hyperform HPN, when utilized in polyethylene, enhances barrier properties in both flexible and rigid applications, while also providing better control over shrinkage. It is particularly effective in nucleating blown films made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), offering improved barrier performance and enabling the use of thinner films, which aligns with the goal of achieving more sustainable packaging.

Key benefits of using Hyperform HPN include advancements in crystallization behavior, reductions in cycle time and enhanced barrier performance.

In a blown film application, the use of Hyperform HPN has shown lower frost line height and the potential for reducing cycle times, resulting in improved productivity. When applied in blow molded applications, it enhances neck dimensional stability, achieves ovality ratios closer to the desired ideal and delivers barrier improvements that enable the use of thinner bottles in industries such as personal care, nutraceuticals, household and industrial cleaners (HIC), and fuel products.

In injection molding applications, Hyperform HPN offers cost-effective dimensional control that remains unaffected by color choices. It is particularly valuable for HDPE caps and closures, eliminating the need for specialized color masterbatches, process modifications, and dedicated molds. This simplifies processes, enhances productivity, reduces costs, and improves product quality.

Difference between Normal PE and Nucleated PE

Normal PE:

    • Polymer crystallizes from the melt, forming spherulites.
    • Spherulite size and orientation impact optical and physical characteristics.

Nucleated PE:

    • Control of polymer crystal size and orientation is crucial for clarity and physical properties improvement.
    • Nucleating agents create multiple nucleation sites, affecting crystallization kinetics and increasing crystallization temperature.
    • Accelerates process cycle time.
    • Imbalanced nucleation can cause residual stresses and warping in the final part.
    • Hyperform HPN has high nucleation density and rapid kinetics, providing better control compared to conventional nucleators.
    • Nucleators can orient polymer crystals, increasing stiffness.
    • HPN allows balancing improved stiffness, optimal impact performance and low, isotropic shrinkage.

When purchasing a product, there will be a validation green sticker of Hyperform® HPN™ as a nucleator, as it enables notable energy savings of 5% to 8% when utilized in the production of thin-wall injection molded8 container lids or similar polypropylene products, as certified by UL/ECV.

UL Certifies Milliken’s Hyperform® HPN™ Performance Additive for PP Energy Efficiency

Subtitle: Milliken Chemical’s Hyperform® HPN™ performance additive for polypropylene (PP) has been proven by UL LLC to deliver substantial energy savings for injection molders during processing.

UL Environment & Sustainability, a division of the global UL group, has recently certified that four grades of Milliken Chemical’s Hyperform® HPN™ performance additive enable average energy savings of 5-8 percent for companies involved in injection molding of thin-wall container lids or similar polypropylene (PP) products. Although this certification initially applies to the Asia region, it has the potential to be recognized globally.

Milliken Chemical has no plans to stop there. Bhavesh Gandhi, the Global Product Line Manager for Hyperform in Milliken’s Chemical Business, states that they intend to seek UL certification for additional nucleators in various applications, including thermoforming processes. This showcases their commitment to expanding their range of environmentally friendly solutions.

This recent UL certification is just one of the steps Milliken is taking to assist its customers in reducing their environmental impact. Previously, their Millad® NX® 8000 clarifier for polypropylene received UL certification for energy savings. Among Milliken’s nucleation portfolio, Hyperform HPN products are the first to earn such recognition.

The utilization of Hyperform HPN not only allows for potential productivity improvements through reduced cycle times but also provides proven energy savings. Additionally, it enhances the performance of recycled PP, facilitating its increased utilization in various applications.

During the K 2019 show in Düsseldorf, Germany, Milliken showcased their commitment to enhancing plastics through color, care, clarity, and performance. They presented PP samples incorporating Hyperform HPN with the UL eco-label, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable and high-performing solutions.

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