Milliken’s Millad® NX® 8000 is specifically formulated as a clarifying agent for clear polypropylene, allowing it to achieve a level of clarity comparable to high clarity plastics such as polystyrene and polycarbonate. By incorporating this additive, polypropylene products exhibit enhanced appearance, increased shelf appeal, a cleaner aesthetic, and improved overall quality.

One notable benefit is its improved plate-out performance in processes like extrusion blow molding (EBM) or thermoforming (TF), thanks to its heightened solubility and stronger affinity for polypropylene. It consistently delivers excellent optical performance across a wide range of extrusion and processing temperatures and speeds, ensuring consistent clarity.

Furthermore, Millad® NX® 8000 contributes to reduced cooling and cycle times by enabling lower molding temperatures and higher crystallization temperatures (Tc). This not only enhances productivity but also leads to energy savings as a result of the decreased processing temperatures required.

In summary, Millad® NX® 8000 by Milliken is a highly effective clarifying agent that transforms polypropylene into a visually appealing material with clarity similar to other high clarity plastics. Its use results in improved appearance, attractive shelf appeal, a cleaner look, and higher overall quality. It demonstrates superior plate-out performance, consistent optical properties across various processing conditions, and contributes to reduced cooling and cycle times, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and energy savings.

Asian Housewares Manufacturers Embrace UL Eco-Label for PP Products Enhanced with Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000 Clarifier

Subtitle: The energy-saving advantages of Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifier for polypropylene (PP) have been well-established and recorded over time. However, downstream customers, particularly in Asia, are now recognizing and utilizing these benefits to enhance their manufacturing processes and leverage the resulting UL Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) label for marketing purposes.

Milliken Chemical has collaborated with the China Plastic Housewares Association to raise awareness about the energy-saving potential of using Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifier in transparent polypropylene (PP) products. UL Environment, an independent organization and business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), has conducted studies documenting that the utilization of Millad NX 8000 clarifier can lead to energy savings ranging from 8% to 12% in injection-molded transparent PP products.

Kurt Xu, China Business Leader at Milliken, explains that the association is dedicated to promoting efficiency and eco-friendliness in the plastic housewares industry in China. The UL label holds significant value in demonstrating a commitment to energy savings. Five leading member companies of the association have already committed to obtaining UL label authorization for the plastic parts they manufacture using Millad NX 8000 clarifier. Moreover, a number of upstream clarified PP resin manufacturers have adopted the UL label, while prominent houseware brands in China, Taiwan, and Thailand, such as Picnic Plast Industrial Co. Ltd. and Citylong Group, have been authorized to use it. This has sparked interest from international brands as well.

Milliken initially received UL validation for the energy-saving benefits of Millad NX 8000 in 2013 and now downstream molders and brand owners are increasingly recognizing the value of this concept. The clarifier has been proven to offer positive environmental and performance benefits to PP, improving clarity and quality in plastic houseware products. Additionally, it enables lower conversion temperatures in injection molding, reducing energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. Industrial trials have shown that Millad NX 8000 can lower processing temperatures from 235°C to 190°C (455°F to 374°F), resulting in the aforementioned energy savings of 8% to 12%, while reducing CO2 emissions.

As energy saving and sustainability gain importance in the industry, these advancements are significant. Milliken emphasizes the value of UL Environmental Claim Validation in providing independent confirmation of environmental credentials, countering the unsubstantiated eco-claims prevalent in the market. The company remains committed to developing innovations that support sustainable processing and reduce environmental impact in the plastics industry. The validation of the energy-saving benefits of Millad NX 8000 by UL Environment marks a significant milestone in that direction.

Rui Guo, China Downstream Leader at Milliken, expresses satisfaction in witnessing more brand owners and customers recognizing the environmental advantages of Millad NX 8000-clarified PP resin. They are realizing the potential for differentiation in a competitive marketplace by displaying the ECV label on their products.

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